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Reef connect's the world to your block

The Miami-based start-up Reef Technology is on a mission to boost urban wellbeing and community by building "15-minute cities" where everything people need can be found within a short walk or bicycle ride. The hyped company has recently raised $700 million in a growth equity round (in total $1.2B over 3 rounds) to improve both hardware and software and transform a 4500 + real estate network of parking lots and garages into neighborhood hubs.

"We’re steadily moving towards people-first, car-free urban environments that prioritize wellbeing. In 2021, it’s high time to contribute to laying a foundation for this revolution. Opportunities include micro-mobility, urban farming, and strengthening local communities."

The offering to retailers is:

Deliver to customers faster than ever. All day, every day.

REEF’s proximity platform gives retail businesses the means to thrive in the on-demand economy. Using their network of over 4,500 locations, they can provide retailers with fast, safe, and reliable order fulfillment—24 hours a day, faster and eco-friendly. Each REEF is a dynamic hub of activity offering a variety of solutions to serve the ever-evolving needs of your local community.

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