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Rescued and curated woman wear in monthly subscription

The Swedish startup Future Closet has received new funding to scale its rental service that allows you to update your closet in a circular way.

The Closet Hacking service that founders Lisa Gautier and Mikaela Larsell Ayesa has set up allows you to use the items for 4 weeks. After the initial period, you can keep each item a little longer for 29 SEK per item per month, but you cannot purchase them.

You start the service with a 5 min "Swipe to tell" session. This creates your style profile, gives Future Closets stylists the impression of what you are wearing or wish to wear.

Stylists will select and pick clothes from a massive Second-Hand closet of 15 000 + items based on your preferences, and send that to you in a box.

Every 4 weeks you pick-up and enjoy the clothes, share your feedback, and return the items you have used.

The environmental impact of consumers' constant urge for the next cool item and the Fashion industry's attempt to deliver and boost on this urge is humongous. 11 kilos of CO2 is emitted for each piece of clothing produced. Apparently, 2,080,544 tons of unused clothes are being wasted each year in Europe. So, Future Closet has reached out to retailers & charity organizations so they would give access to those unused items. The clothes are professionally washed between every cycle.

With Hackyourcloset, clothes circulate between 10 to 24 different customers before they end up in a permanent closet or become waste. This increasing the number of uses, and 100% neutralize the environmental impact.

Discover a Greener way to update your closet at

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