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Shelve It

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Shelve It is a technical prototype for an augmented reality (AR) app that would scan the walls in your home to reveal new ways you could make shelves work best in your space. Built by Bakken & Bæck, a technology-driven design studio based in Oslo, Bonn, Amsterdam, and London, together with IKEA and Space 10.

It would use a depth sensor to scan your room and everything contained within it to understand the topology of your surroundings and add an interactive and responsive virtual layer over the physical world you're in. Using the app, you'd be able to quickly see how to plan and customise your shelves and make them an efficient and natural fit for your space.

When detecting a wall, Shelve It will be able to recognise how it's connected to the floor and could detect objects in front or leaning against it. It would then use rays to scan the wall and map out available areas where shelves could go, ensuring that you are maximising the potential of your space with regards to storage. The scanned areas are then automatically filled with the essential modules of IKEA’s IVAR shelf system to give the user an idea of how it would look. Every bit of space you scan feeds back into the algorithm, resulting in a more evolved shelving suggestion.

The algorithm starts by drawing up a grid of the scanned area, then checks how much of the area it can use, and starts to fill the grid with the most suitable shelf module. It checks the modules’ possible connections and fills the rest of the space until all possible slots are filled and the IVAR shelf is complete. The result is your own totally custom-fitted IVAR shelf, that adapts to its surroundings in real-time.

'We wanted to focus on something that truly helps me achieve something in minutes, rather than hours or days, with more confidence and precision.'

—Bakken & Bæck

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