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A completely new farming experience

Have you ever dreamed about being a farmer? Or, perhaps wondered about how to feed the world in more sustainable ways? A new super innovative platform from a Sub-Sahara start-up offers the possibility to do both. With CompleteFarmer you can take part in a cooperative where you learn sustainable ways to do farming, connect to people around the world, and co-own a farm in Africa.

The CompleteFarmer experience includes the following:

  • Receive picture updates, reports, and a live feed of work progress on your farm. Get a front-row seat to the action and witness the building of your farm.

  • Sell and earn from your produce. Sell your harvest in a transparent marketplace and receive payment in your farm wallet within a few days.

  • Monitor activities that determine the success of your farm with insights into soil, crop, and weather of the farm in real-time.

In my early sign-up and testing, I was only given the chance to buy acres of Soybean production in Ghana for $560/acre with an expected ROI of 10-15%. But, complete harvests show examples of both Ginger and Chili Pepper produce with up to 25% ROI.

This interview between Dan Herman and Desmond Koney, CEO of Complete Farmer gives a more detailed description of the why, what, and how.

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