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Producing building like cars

We've all been hit by the amaze of viral videos from Chinese constructions sites. Remember the Hospital built in 10 days during the Covid outbreak? Now it's time for a new record with the ten floors "Living Building" set up in one day, or 28 hours to be accurate. What's most impressive though is not the speed of assembly, but the deep technology being used.

Broad Group, the company behind the impressive build, presents its structure to weigh 10 times less and 100 times stronger than other conventional structures and is resistant to mega earthquakes and typhoons. Also, despite high-quality construction material, Fresh Air machine indoor air, and extremely low energy consumption – the operational costs of the building are claimed to be 5 times lower than conventional buildings.

The name of the "Living building" comes from the flexibility of all building types and rooms. The position and quantity of walls, doors, windows, and balconies can be easily changed after completion, and the building itself can be disassembled and relocated easily.

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